TACT's Summer Camp schedule was jam-packed this year and there was no shortage of excitement. We are so proud of all that our campers learned and created!

Week One -- STEAM & Costume Camps

What an incredible week of costuming! The focus and determination of our six students, our amazing lead instructor Jenn Rollins, and our dedicated volunteers all made this week a roaring success. We ended the week with six complete costumes: 2 Links, a Peter Pan, a Plague Doctor, Cheetah girl, and a one-of-a-kind super hero -- Autistic Girl!!

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    Our STEAM campers had a fantastic week! They did everything from robot creation/coding to photography and 3d Print Design. We love how they used their creativity and problem solving skills this week! A huge thank you to Brian Johnson Photo for sharing all your expertise and skills with our students!

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    Week Two -- Intro to Trades Camps: I & II

    Our Intro to Trades I campers learned a ton this past week and had an absolute blast! Each day they learned a new trade and did everything from making a piggy bank, camping chair, computer coding and LED circuits to quilting and small engine repair!

    Boy oh boy did our Intro to Trades II students impress us! Their attention to detail, focus and craftsmanship never ceases to amaze us. What a fun and joyous group! They used their amazing minds to create some incredible clocks, and ping-pong ball shooters, they soldered drones (and they all fly!), quilted and learned auto-mechanics. Well done, campers.


    Week Three -- Electric Bass, Computer & Skateboard Camps

    Our computer campers rocked it this week! They built their very own lap tops, soldered circuits, learned computer coding and explored a variety of hardware and software's. So proud! Well done!

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    Our instrument making students learned a ton of woodworking and musical skills this week. They built their very own electric bass guitars! After learning about tool safety they used a variety of hand and power tools to design and built 4-string basses! It was incredible to see their creativity and focus. And of course the sweet tunes they played on their instruments once they finished.

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      Our final camp was a new and exciting camp for us. We had six awesome campers learning how to build their very own custom skateboards! We couldn't have done it without amazing friends and partners of Brian Johnson Photo and Fin Art. They designed graphics for the underside, used a variety of hand and power tools, and even a CNC machine! Watching the joy on students faces as they rode their boards was incredible. Our students are the best.

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        FUSE and Denver Museum of Nature & Science

        After a short break in July, we were excited to lead two more week-long camps -- an instrument building camp with partners STAR Institute for SPD and a collaboration with the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, creating an exhibit for their Discovery Zone

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        We had such a blast co-teaching our third camp with our partners at STAR for our FUSE camps. Thank you to Developmental Pathways for making these camps possible. Our students learned a variety of skills and built two instruments and an instrument stand. CBS News even stopped by to capture this unique camp in a story!

        Kids looking for a unique camp for the end of their summer break found one with us this week -- The Denver Museum of Nature & Science partnered with us to build a new exhibit for the museum’s Discovery Zone -- A pizza oven for imaginative play! We are thrilled to partner with DMNS again and to be able to offer this opportunity to our students! Here are some photos of the work in progress:


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